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9 Jun 2017
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Buy A Garage Floor Protector And Save Time


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Posted By Joshua M.

Many people put a lot of effort into keeping their garage clean. Bulky things like bikes and mowers are thrown into the garage to be stored. We do simple car maintenance and complete home improvement projects in there as well as parking our cars. Through never enjoyable, garage maintenance can be a lot easier than people realize. An easy and cheap answer is a catch all floor mat.

The reason a good quality mat is called a "catch all floor mat" is because it will deal with just about any fluid you can throw at it. Uses for a garage floor type mat other then on the garage floor are for your driveway, shelving, work counter, below your kitchen sink, under your refrigerator to catch condensation, as a pet food mat, under plants to avert water stains or as an entry mat.

There are assorted types of catch all floor mats. The best solution is a mat that absorbs all liquids. You want the type that is super absorbent, absorbing all types of fluids and holding gallons of oil or other liquid over time.

If you use a catch all floor mat, you won't have to scrub your garage floors and other surfaces. Instead, you can spend your time on other things you like to do. These mats are not dangerous to your or your family, as they are chemical-free. You can find them in practically any size you wish, whether in rolls that can be trimmed to size or specific pre-cut custom sizes.

It is best that your catch all floor mat be at least 1/8 thick and made of a durable material like vinyl so that it doesn't crack, tear, buckle or curl on you. A recommended material would also be polypropolene, as this is the same material used in the clean up of oceanic oil spills. This is a good material that is non-flammable and super absorbent. The bottom layer of your mat should keep stains from penetrating and all layers of your mat should be well bound so that they don't separate. It is recommended that your mat be skid resistant to protect you from falls and slips. Great performance is guaranteed in the best mats.

When your objective is to protect your floor from liquid damage, absorbent floor mate are the way to go. These mats aren't very expensive, will last for a good while and are recyclable. Once they are entirely soaked, you can replace them. Catch all floor mats are good for you and the environment because they stop dangerous liquids from going underground and seeping into our drinking water.

Beyond the typical purposes of driveway and garage protection, some people have found these mats useful on their porches under plants, for protection below washing machines in case of leaks, and even under pet food dishes in the case of messy pets. Because they can be cut to just about any size imaginable, these mats are great for any purpose you have in mind.

With their ease of use and functionality, it makes sense to use catch all floor mats to catch nasty spills in your house, garage and outside areas. It can keep the areas looking like new for numerous years because they inhibit stains.

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By Tamara Q. on JUN 12 2017 @ 10:23AM

I never really considered the time savings, but I suppose that is another benefit.

By Freda J. on JUN 11 2017 @ 10:11AM

I love having a nice smooth coated floor in my garage, it just makes it feel nicer, like I'm in a high end parking garage.

By Gerald M. on JUN 11 2017 @ 6:09AM

Coatings will also help keep the bugs out.

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