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13 Jun 2017
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Tips On How To Fix a Squeaky Door


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Posted By Brady H.

If you own a house, it is nice to be able to do certain handyman jobs, due to the fact there always seems to be something that needs fixing. One common problem that affects everybody in the house until it's fixed is a squeaky door. It is those types of jobs you would like to fix yourself, because it is too minor to hire someone.

Pay attention closely to find the source of the squeak, so you recognize exactly what needs fixing. The first thing to do, before you even think of replacing the entire door, is what we call the swing test. As you're swinging the door open and shut, pay attention to the squeak to find out if you can pinpoint where it is at. Generally, it is possible to pick up the loudest place where the noise is coming from, and by that, figure out what the cause is. Experiment with swinging the door at several speeds, if needed.

You'll likely find that there's a dry hinge or two needing lubrication. In that case, tighten the screws positioning the plates to the door first, and then pour a few drops of WD-40, or sewing maching oil, directly on the hinge. Swing the door back and forth slowly just as the oil seeps into the hinge. You are going to know straight away whether this was the problem. If it didn't, there is an additional thing that quite typically happens. As time goes on, wood swells or maybe the door warps, and quite typically when this happens, the wood is hitting other wood. To prevent this, basically move the door stop in order that it doesn't impact the door itself. A wooden block and a hammer are the only equipment you'll need for this. Apply the hammer and the wood block to pound the door stop over slightly.

Persevere right up until the door operates quietly and smoothly. The major problem with doing this, is that you will most likely break the paint, and needs to be repainted. Another likely origin of a door squeak is the hinge rubbing on the jam, which may be cut in too deeply or not deep enough. Take the hinges off and, if they're cut too deep put a shim in right behind them; when they are not deep enough, deepen them. By means of this experimentation process you ought to be able to quickly and easily repair any door squeak.

If it is not a simple fix, the whole door may need replacing. This is an effortless process with pre-hung doors. Accomplishing this though, you ought to get doors that match up, and spend quite a bit of time repainting. Regardless of what it is, the great thing is to be able to accomplish it yourself.

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By Annie S. on JUN 17 2017 @ 5:15PM

When you put oil on, have a paper towel or rag ready, so that if or when you have liquid dripping out, you'll catch it before it stains anything, like carpet for example.

By Ron B. on JUN 17 2017 @ 5:04PM

...just don't open it :)

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